Providing boutique technology strategy and direction for small businesses and small business owners

You know your business, and as a small business owner the technology you use is very likely the first and last thing on your mind every day. Whether it's point of sale systems for retail or hospitality, adding ecommerce to your product delivery options, updating your website, or just reining in the growing spend, Meta Meta can help.

Meta Meta will work with you on a part time basis, whether that's an hour or two a week, a few days a month, or for a specific project to meet your needs and get everything on the right track, the time you spend working with our team will reduce the time you spend on your IT needs and let you focus on your business.

Service Offerings

Meta Meta offers a variety of Strategic and Tactical IT consulting services, some of which are listed below.

Fractional/Virtual CTO Services

Strategy and Planning for the technology issues a small business faces: on premises infrastructure, cloud adoption, eCommerce, web hosting, and hiring are just some of the planning and decision-making we can help with.

DevOps Readiness

Identifying where current tools and practices need to adapt and new practices need to be implemented for reliable and repeatable DevOps adoption.

Infrastructure Automation

Whether on premesis, cloud specific, or cloud agnostic, automation of infrastructure build using industry standard tools such as ARM templates on Azure, CloudFormation Templates on AWS, and Terraform for just about anything, this will reduce the time to delivery.

DevOps Education

Tools, practices, and processes are all part of the DevOps workflow. Provide a learning environment for a broad set of topics or custom build an education plan.

Cloud Security & DevSecOps

Discovery and strategy for cloud-based best security practices.

Technical Debt

Identify and catolog technical debt and build strategies around paying that debt down.

Fractional/Virtual CTO Services

Every business owner is expected to be some sort of technology expert these days, but not everyone has the desire or aptitude to do so. Are you using the right tools? Have you gotten the right services? Are you paying too much for those things? Have you or can you hire the right technology people? These are all questions that can be answered by our team - let us handle the technology burden while you run your business.

DevOps Transformation

DevOps processes help reduce time to delivery, but implementing them can be daunting - traditional siloed IT groups like Development, QA, Release Management, and Systems Administration, Networking, Operations, and Support all have clearly defined interaction. Breaking down the barriers between groups and redefining processes can help bring legacy practices curreent.

Technical Debt Management and Legacy Planning

Every organization has technical debt. This could be failing to update servers, or code that hasn't been patched in years because the original developer. How your organization plans for remediating this can drastically reduce the cost of doing so.

The technology world is always changing

Get the right advice for moving your business and technology teams forward.